Motorcycle Speedway

This form of speedway racing is among the most exciting and challenging sports you can participate in. The competitions usually take place on a level oval track, often just made up of dirt, crushed rock, or shale. This created the nickname of dirt-bike racing. Indeed, specially designed outdoor tracks featuring contours and hills are often used for off-road racing and leisure. The aim of the oval track is to enable the riders to powerslide into each corner and then open the engine up on the straights. This is a highly competitive sport and features such competitions as the Speedway Grand Prix and the Speedway World Cup. It is popular in Europe, Australia, and North America. Speedway bikes are designed for both functionality and style much the same way as a wall clock. When not biking, why not consider the purchase of one of the elegant wall clocks offered by Royal Design?

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Motorbike speedway is a fast-evolving and ever-popular pastime for men and women alike. With relatively low start-up costs, you can be racing to your heart’s content within a matter of days. If you intend to adopt a more leisurely approach, then take your bike to one of the many local dirt-tracks near you and enjoy the thrill of the great outdoors.

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