Staying Safe When Speedwaying

The speedway is one of the most fun sports for motorcycle enthusiasts. It can be enjoyed by riders of many levels and a wide range of bike engine sizes. No matter what their status is, it is vital that they stay safe when on the track. To minimize the chances of crashes and injuries, there are several important things that should be kept in mind.

Wear a Helmet

The most vulnerable part of a rider’s body is their head. Luckily modern helmets are strong enough to give a significant amount of protection. In the US, it is usually illegal to ride on a speedway track without one. The news site BBC has reported on several motorcycle fatalities directly caused by a lack of helmet. The visor will keep eyes safe from dirt and other debris. Meanwhile, the frame of the helmet ensures that if a crash does occur, the damage to the head is lessened. Helmets will often save lives.

Keep the Bike Well Maintained

A bike will run smoothly if all of its components are properly looked after. For this reason, it is best to get the vehicle regularly serviced throughout the year. Racers usually schedule these services before each race. Assessing damage after the race and dealing with it as soon as possible is also useful.

Know the Track

It is never a good idea to start a race without doing a test run on the track beforehand. Going in blind will mean the rider is less prepared for sharp turns and hidden hazards. Spending a little time getting to know the track will not only increase rider safety but also the chances of winning.

Be Aware of the Weather

If the speedway track is open air, then the surface will change depending on the weather. For instance, during heatwaves, the ground temperature will increase, which could cause damage to tires. Conversely, wet weather may lead to skidding. All riders should know the conditions and prepare for them.

Follow All Regulations

It is also the responsibility of all riders to be aware of national motorcycle laws and speedway regulations. These need to be adhered to at all times. This is to keep all other riders safe as well as the individual.

Learn How to Fall

It is common for less experienced riders to fall as they get used to racing. Protective gear will minimize injuries when this happens. So too will getting an instructor to teach them how to fall safely.

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