Can People With Osteoarthritis Do Speedway?

This question gets asked quite often in many forms, but rarely does it get a detailed answer. Many respondents often give a plain ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but don’t go beyond the surface to explain their answer. Until now.

Well, the shortest answer is ‘yes.’ The longer answer is ‘it depends.’ There are different types of speedway races, just as there are different types of osteoarthritis. There is also the severity of the disease in different osteoarthritis patients to be considered. These factors combine to determine what kind of speedway race a person can take part in.

A person with a knee osteoarthritis condition, for instance, may find it hard taking part in races that require a lot of physical movement while on the track. Such a person may also want to avoid dirt tracks where accidents are more likely to occur and go for a clay track instead.

Moreover, the type of gear that speedway competitors use will determine whether they can compete even when they have osteoarthritis. With the right joint support, it is possible to take part in various races even if one is affected.

Above all, speedway lovers may want to seek medical advice once osteoarthritis checks in. A doctor will give proper information about what equipment to use and the intensity that can be applied safely.

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