Speedway Spectators Safety Tips

For spectators, attending a speedway sport event is not just mere fun; it is a super thrilling experience. One to never forget. However, speedway sports involve man and machine that may sometimes go separate ways, leading to severe injuries and, sadly, fatalities. This is not to scare you, though. Event organisers leave nothing to chance in ensuring the safety of the driver and the spectators alike, through erecting barriers, providing appropriate gear from aimn.co.nz, placing debris stoppers, and deploying race stewards. They need you as much as they need everyone else.

But how do you, as a spectator, ensure you do your part in keeping safe during speedway sports? Here are a few ideas.

Obey the Stewards

Like in any other sport, speedway sports will hire stewards to control crowds and guide the spectators. So, whenever a steward gives directions or requests compliance, please agree for your own and the safety of others. The stewards will also be at hand to attend to your concerns. They have your back. Have theirs too.

Read the Signage

Speedway organisers will place important signs in and around the venue. Take note of these signs as they are meant to guide you around. Do not ignore them. Just like road signs, they are placed to reduce or eliminate the chances of carnage. Sometimes the signage may seem like a distraction from the action. Far from it; it is actually meant to ensure you enjoy as much action as possible. And for longer.

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