Building Your Own Speedway

Most of those who are into racing events will participate in their chosen category on different speedways. There are some who have decided they would like to build their own race track.

Motocross Tracks

There are variations when it comes to speedways. This includes what the surface is going to be comprised of, with the two main choices being dirt or paved. Naturally, a paved racetrack is going to be far more expensive. For those who are intending to build a motocross track they will find it more affordable, but still, it will come with a lot of commitment. Some of the things that will need to be considered are:

  • Clay based dirt for the jump faces as other soil is not appropriate.
  • Planning is needed for the angles of the jumps and being able to transition from one to another.
  • Permission may be needed to build this type of track.
  • Choosing the right location has to be given some thought.

Paved Tracks

For those who want to build a paved track, the first thing they are going to need is a hefty budget. Things that need to be considered aside from location is:

  • Climate

A lot of rain or extremely hot weather are going to create some challenges. This means the track has to be built with this in mind. For wet areas, there has to be good drainage. If it is hot weather, then the asphalt has to hold up well in hot temperatures.

  • Concrete

One of the mistakes that many make when building a racetrack is to think that paving it is the same as paving a driveway. There is a big difference. Racetrack surfaces have to be able to withstand the lateral weight. This means the asphalt is laid in three stages. The first is the base layer which should be two inches thick. Then two additional layers should each be 1 ½ inches in thickness.

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