Most Dangerous Speedways

Speedways always make safety their priority but there is a certain element of danger that is present with any of them. Some are more known for their danger levels, especially when it comes to Nascar racing.

Dangerous Aspects

Any type of race that involves speed is going to have an element of danger to it. This is not something that can be totally avoided. Racers realize this and accept it although they prepare for it as much as possible.

Bristol Motor Speedway

What creates a level of danger at this speedway is the fact that it is one of the smallest tracks when it comes to the Nascar racing. It is the speed in which the cars travel in tight spaces. Extra precautionary steps have been taken to heighten the level of safety. This included the construction of safer barriers.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

The oval version of this track held a higher element of danger to it then it was reshaped to a D configuration. It is a fast track and both of these configurations presented its own challenges when it came to the speed factor.

Drivers familiarize themselves with those tracks that are considered to offer more challenges compared to the others.

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