Dirt Track Competitions

Dirt track competitions also come under the category of oval track competitions. For the oval tracks, they can be comprised of dirt or pavement. The main criteria for this type of track are the shape of the track itself. Although referred to as oval it can vary in its shape. There are several different competitions that are carried out on the dirt track version of the oval track.

Type of Dirt Track Events

There is a whole selection of events that are carried out on the dirt tracks that are categorized by the type of vehicle that will be performing. These include:

  • Open Wheel Cars

Within the open wheel division, there are sub categories of vehicles that include:

  • Dwarf
  • Mod Lite
  • Kart
  • Mini and Winged Sprints
  • Different variations of midgets
  • Other car categories:

There are several other types of cars that perform on the dirt tracks such as:

  • Modified cars
  • Full bodied cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Vintage Racing

The Competitions

The racing program will depend on the classification of the cars. Some of the types of competitions that are popular are:

  • Hot laps:

These are not a competition but a part of the competition that drivers participate in. It allows them to adjust to the track conditions and lets them take trial runs.

  • Qualifying:

Quite often, before a competition takes place, there has to be a qualifying race. Two competitions where this is well known is the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series. Also in the World of Outlaw Late Models competitions.

  • Heat Races:

At the start of a competition, there are usually heat races. There are different purposes for this. In some cases, it helps to decide the starting position that the racers will take in the main event.

  • Featured Races:

In many of the competitions, there can be a series of featured races. These can consist of:

  • Semi-features
  • B Main
  • Last Chance Showdown.

These are sometimes used as a last chance for those riders who did not qualify. It may give them a chance to fill one of the open positions still available in the A featured event.

  • Special Events:

Although all competitions are considered to be exciting, often the special event competitions draw a bigger crowd. Some special events include:

  • Power Puff
  • Run What You Brung


Nascar is prominent in running dirt track championships such as the Whelen All American Series.

Most that enjoy racing will agree that all the dirt track events are exciting.

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