Sidecar Competitions

Motorcycle races of any kind are most exciting to watch, but what many find to be most intriguing is the sidecar competitions. To qualify as a sidecar it must be the one wheeled unit that can be attached to the side of a motorcycle or sometimes a scooter or even a bicycle. When this is done it makes the entire unit a three-wheeled vehicle. Sometimes different names are used to describe this unit such as an outfit break or hack or even a combination.

Exciting Events

When it comes to competition in the sidecar category, there are plenty of different events that are taking place. These take place all over the world, e.g. on Isle of Man, which is a very exciting race that is often watched remotely.

Aside from that, there are various other sidecar racing events that are well known, including:

  • Motocross
  • Road racing
  • Trial
  • Speedway
  • Enduro


The sidecar competitions held in the motocross category is referred to as sidecar cross. It is not as popular as it once was but there is still some exciting competition that is held in this category.

  • Sidecar Cross World Championship: This is the most exciting event to take place in the motocross category for sidecar cross. It is only carried out on European tracks and is mostly attended by the Europeans themselves.

Sidecar Speedway

Those that have an interest in this particular sport are probably going to want to watch the competitions that are held at the sidecar Speedway. The race is comprised of four crews with each having a rider and a passenger. They must complete four laps on the oval track.

The rules that govern this particular computation comes from the national Speedway. While popular in many different places, it has gained the most popularity in Australia, although Great Britain enthusiasts also enjoy this type of racing. Some of the competitions that have been held in this category are:

  • Internationale de Motocyclisme World Track Racing Sidecar Championships
  • Australian Championships
  • Speedway Sidecar Grand Slam Series (in Australia)
  • British Championships
  • World Championships
  • FIM Track Racing Gold Trophy

With the decreasing popularity in motorcycle sidecar racing, it has created some problems for forming different types of competitions. However, the above are still active and are still attended by many spectators.

Within the category of sidecar racing, some of the competitions are comprised of historic sidecar racing. There are some differences between the historic sidecars and those that are produced today. The ones produced today are sleek looking and have a lot of the characteristics that open wheel race cars have.

Sidecar racing requires different skills compared to standard motorcycles. This is one of the factors that often attracts people to the sport.

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