Sidecar Speedway

There are a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts that have a passion for almost any type of motorcycle event. One that falls into this category is the Sidecar Speedway. It is one of the favourite sports in Australia but is also very popular throughout different parts of the UK.


Although sidecar speedway is known to be popular in the UK it is also a favourite sport that is enjoyed in other parts of the world. For example Canada holds some exciting events in this particular sport as well as the United States.


Sidecar Speedway provides some great opportunities for competing. This can be done on many different levels. There are some who have no desire to go beyond the regional which is fine, but for those who want to go further there are the championships which are the ultimate goal for some.

There are some who like to compete in the classic events for sidecar speedway events. This is also an event that has the ability to draw a lot of spectators. There is a significant difference between the old version sidecars and the new ones.

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