Cycle Speedway

Those who are interested in speed sports will surely have an interest in the events that take place in cycle speedway. This is a bicycle racing sport that is usually performed on outdoor dirt tracks that are short in length.

Staying Informed

To begin to learn more about cycle speedway, there are usually up to date news that can be easily accessed that keeps everyone abreast of what is happening in this sport.


Cycle Speedway racing is believed to date back to the 1920s. It is believed that it became about as a result of the post-war situation. Bikes were used to get along small pathways amongst the rubble left over as a result of the war. The small pathways became a source of entertainment for riding a bike that was not considered to be roadworthy.

It soon became a sport that became organized. In 1945 clubs grew rapidly in support of it. It wasn’t long before competitions became common. One of the most exciting events to take place was the first international competition that took place between England and the Netherlands where over 10,000 spectators enjoyed the event.

Types of Races

Cycle Speedway races can be presented in the form of races by individual participants or in pairs or teams. The race is held in matches that can be anywhere between 8 to 24 races.

The average race is run anti-clockwise for four laps on the track. The winner is the first one to cross the line. The number of laps that are raced is usually dictated by the age of the riders.

Types of Bikes

One of the advantages of becoming involved in this particular sport of Cycle Speedway is the simplicity of the bikes that are used. They have to be comprised of :

  • Steel or aluminum
  • They cannot have any suspension
  • Handlebars must be upright
  • It must have a low single gear with the freewheel
  • Wheels must be 26 inches in size and have heavily treaded tires

The objective of using this type of bike is that it must provide the speed to complete the race as quickly as possible and for the bike to remain intact when doing so. The speed as well as the track is what makes this type of race so exciting.

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