Oval Track Competitions

Those that are going to enjoy oval track competitions are usually going to be watching those races that take place on the oval track speedways.

Types of Cars

There are several different types of competitions that take place on the oval track. Car races are one of the most popular types of events that take place on the dirt tracks where there are plenty of competitions to be enjoyed. Two of the most common events when it comes to race car competitions is open wheel racing and Stock cars.

Open Wheel Race Competitions

Open wheel cars are often referred to as formula cars or single seater cars in the UK. This type of car has wheels that sit outside the main body of the cars. Some of the major competitions that take place where these cars are used are:

  • Indianapolis 500
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Long Beach Grand Prix
  • Singapore Grand Prix

Stock Cars

The cars that compete in these races are those that have not been changed in any way concerning the way they came out of the factory. When it comes to competitions in this category, the most prominent races are the Nascar Races. This includes events such as:

  • Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series
  • Daytona 500
  • Brickyard 400

No matter which of these competitive racing categories are being enjoyed, they each offer a level of excitement that is most pleasing to any race car enthusiast. They are both popular categories that are important to the race car industry.

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