Motorcycle Competitions

One of the exciting aspects of motorcycle racing is that there are various forms of it. This means there are some great selections for competitions.

Motorcycle Grand Prix

The motorcycles: used in this particular race are those that have been built specifically for racing. There are three classifications that fall into this particular form of racing.

  • MotoGP: Competitions in this category use the 1000cc motorcycles
  • Moto2: Requires the motorcycles to be 600cc four stroke
  • Moto3: Bikes that are 250cc four-stroke is the requirement

<h2>Super Bike Racing

These are the type of races that are strongly promoted by motorcycle manufacturers. The bikes that are allowed in these competitions are highly modified. They must be four-stroke bikes.

Moto Cross

These are considered to be off-road racing competitions. They are run on surfaces such as sand and gravel which often turns to mud. They are held no matter what the weather conditions are.

No matter which of these particular competitions are enjoyed they all can stir up excitement as soon as the roar of the engines is heard. They are often the reason as to why so many enter into this particular sport.

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