Capacity of Speedways

One of the most common types of events carried out on speedways is motor racing. For this reason, there are many speedways that are available. Each of them has its own features, but one of the most important aspects of them is their capacity.

Importance of Capacity

The motor racing industry is very important to many of the countries that have this industry. It supports their economy. For this to happen, these venues have to be popular. To support spectator participation, the speedways have to have adequate capacity to support those who want to attend these events, which most of them do. The capacity of a speedway helps to dictate what type of events can be hosted there. Following are some examples:

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway:

This is located in Speedway, Indiana. The main venue that is held at this speedway is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Various series can be enjoyed here, such as:

  • Indy Car
  • Monster Energy
  • Nascar Cup Series
  • Nascar Xfinity
  • FIM MotoGP
  • FIA
  • Formula One
  • Suzuka Circuit

This is located in Suzuka Japan and has a capacity of 155,000. Events that are held here are the FIA Formula One.

  • Goodwood Circuit

Located in Chichester, this track has a seating capacity of 100,000. The main event here is the Goodwood Revival.

  • Circuit Gillies Villeneuve

This track is located in Montreal with a seating capacity of 100,000. The main events to be enjoyed here are:

  • FIA Formula One
  • Nascar Nationwide Series.

The Largest of Them All

The largest when it comes to capacity is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a capacity of 257,325.

Aside from capacity, there are other features that a quality speedway has to possess. Normally they have to have good viewing from all seats. Then many have additional venues such as lounges and refreshment outlets to accommodate the spectators.

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