Best Ever Speed Race Riders

When looking at speedways, it is important to look at the purposes they serve. They are the location where many different types of racing events occur. There is a whole collection of what is considered to be the best speed race riders.

Johnnie Hoskins

This racing athlete is well recognized for his contribution to Speedway. Not only was Johnny Hoskins: recognized for his competitive nature but for his encouragement to others to become involved in the sport. His start out in the sport in 1928 did not afford him the luxury of being able to race on quality tracks. As a result, he took it upon himself to build one. One of his many accolades was being awarded the MBE for his many contributions to the speed racing sport.

Roger Frogley

Also well recognized on the speedway circuit. He was considered to be a pioneer. For those who remember Roger fondly, they will often rehash the story of Roger beating Ben Unwin at the International Match rach in 1929. Roger is truly an icon when it comes to the speedway.

Tony Rickardsson

Known to be one of the most successful speedway races. He is a Swedish racer, and he won his sixth Speedway World Championship in 2005.

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