Motorcycle Speedway

Those who have a passion for motorcycle racing are going to want to know more about the motorcycle speedway races.

A competitive Sport

As with most types of sports the competition events that are available with motorcycle speedway are most popular among participants as well as fans. It is the level of competition that makes this particular sport so exciting.


The history behind motorcycle speedway has a lot of controversies attached to it. It is believed that this sport was being enjoyed in Australia as well as the US before World War One where it was conducted on dirty tracks that were small in size.

What is agreed upon is that in 1905 motorcycle racing did take place in the rugby grounds at Newcastle. The distance of the track was said to be about 440 yards. Most are also in agreement that motorcycle speedway does date back as early as the 1920s.

The Speed

In an average motorcycle speedway event, it takes about one minute for four laps to be completed. This is on a track in size of anywhere between 260 to 425 m in length. Normally as the race begins it only takes one or two seconds for the rider to reach the curved speed.

It is believed that this is the most important part of the race itself referred to as gating. The reason being is because the rider that can gate efficiently can gain an advantage over the other riders.

What some riders will do is take on the extra risk of finding the grippy parts of the speedway as opposed to staying on the race line. When they do so, it might allow them a few extra seconds of speed.

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