Dirt Track Racing

Those that are enjoying sports that come under the category of dirt track racing will often be enjoying some form of motorsport.

Dirt Track Racing in the UK

The UK is known to favour many different types of sports. Dirt track racing is among these. There are many different organizations that support this sport, which has helped to keep it popular.

Types of Surfaces

Although the surfaces are predominantly dirt, they can be comprised of clay. Out of the two most racers like the clay based track. The configuration is usually the oval track. Although dirt track racing is popular in many different countries, it is the most common sport in the United States. For this reason, there are many different tracks available that vary in capacity.

The Races

Any of the races that are held on dirt tracks will each be governed by their own set of rules. The most common types of races aside from horse racing is stock cars and open wheel cars.

There is usually always some form of competition taking place at the dirt track and those who are interested in this type of racing can easily find what venues are being held as most of these will be advertised.

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