Cycle Competitions

For those who are going to participate in cycle competitions one of the main categories is cycle speedway. This is a bicycle race that is carried out on the dirt version of the oval tracks. There are a lot of exciting competitions that fall into this category.

Going Back in Time

Cycle speedway is not a new sport. When one goes back in history the beginning of this sport has to be attributed to those kids who enjoyed bicycle racing through bomb sites.

World Cycle Speedway Championship

The ultimate goal of any athlete is usually to get themselves to the world championships. This is no different from those who participate in cycle speedway. In order to get to this level of the competition, it usually means going through a season of competitions in order to qualify for the world event.

The season for this sport runs from spring to autumn. During this time competitors compete at the regional level then onto the nationals and then finally to the championships. It is a short season filled with plenty of activity.

International Cycle Speedway Federation

This is the governing body that oversees the cycle competitions. There are several countries that are affiliated with this organization, such as:

  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Poland
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • United States

There are several other countries that also hold cycle speedway events such as:

  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Malta
  • Ireland

Participating in the Championships

Not only do participants have to qualify for the championships, but there are also specific rules and regulations that apply to this race. Participants must be aware of what the rulebook contains. All clubs have access to this rulebook. Participants can never take anything for granted when it comes to the rules.

Even if participants don’t make it to the championships, the regional, national and international competitions are just as important. Competitions are important because this gives participants the enthusiasm to participate in these events. There are some who don’t have any desire to compete beyond the regional level, which is okay.

For those who don’t make the championships, they can also try next year, which many of them do. It may be a matter of building their skills to the level where they can qualify. There are some that spend several years in competition before they can get to the championships.

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