Worlds Largest Racetrack

Every racetrack offers its own level of excitement usually based on the features of that particular track. For those who are interested in what will be known as the world’s largest racetrack it appears that it will be the one that will be built outside of Las Vegas.

The Track

It is being suggested that this racetrack will be enjoyed by the richest and most elite racers. It is located at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club. The original racetrack was bought for $5 million and is slated for an expansion to an adjoining property. The length of this racetrack will exceed 15 miles. Then there are plans for additional tracks to be built for off- road vehicle as well as go-karts. When completed it will out do the current racetrack holding this record which is the Nurburgring Grand Prix Racetrack which is 13.1 miles in length.

It is still unclear as to who will be attracted to racing on this track but one thing is for sure: it won’t be cheap. Memberships to Spring Mountain come in at a hefty prices. Thus, it is speculated that this new world’s largest racetrack is basically going to be a playground for those who can afford it.

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